Mike’s Best Bet

Book one in at the end zone

When music teacher Andi Nelson suckers the high school football coach into making a bet he has no business making, things really heat up!  When Mike and Andi have to work together to save two students, they realize that quite possibly they have both won the best of all  bets.

4 and 1/2 stars from The Romantic Times Book Reviews! “A touchdown in all senses of the word!  Characters are well written and will remind readers of people they know in real life . . . This is a book with heart, humor and soul, and recommended for both education and entertainment.


Mike tried to read Andi’s face but she wasn’t giving anything away.  “Are you sure you want to bet on a football game?  I mean, do you know enough to make a good bet?”

“What’s to know?  Guys in lots of equipment try to knock each other down.”  She blinked.  “So, is there a game tonight?”

“It’s Monday.”  He had to stop himself from rubbing his hands together in evil glee at her blank look.

“What does that have to do with our bet?”

“There’s always a game on Monday night.  You know, Monday Night Football on TV?”

“So there is a game tonight.  Who’s playing?”

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the New Rochester Rangers.  We could bet on that.”  The New Rochester team was one of the worst teams in the NFL.  It would take a miracle for them to win against the Buccaneers.  If he could get her to take them, it would be a sure thing his boys would get their free ride.

“And this would be a good game to bet on?”  Andi’s smile was self-deprecating.  “I really don’t follow football.”

“It would be the perfect game to bet on.”

She bit her lower lip while she thought about it.  “Well, then.  Let’s do it.  Who do you think will win?”

“You should choose first.”

Again, she considered that.  “What color uniforms do they wear?”

Yesssss!  The girl question.  “Tampa Bay wears orange and black.  New Rochester wears green.”

“Dark green or light green?”

Like taking candy from a baby.  He should feel really bad about this, but there was too much at stake.  “I don’t know.  Kind of dark green.”

“Dark green.  Is it forest green or more of a hunter green?”

“What’s the difference?”

“I like hunter green better than forest green.”

“Then it’s hunter green.”

Andi took a moment to think about her choices.  “I’ll take New Rochester, then, if it’s okay with you.  Hunter green is one of my favorite colors.”

“That’s fine, great.  I’ll take Tampa Bay then, if you’re sure.”

She held out her hand.  “We’ve got a deal, then.”

He grinned and took her hand.  “We’ve got a deal.”


“Ms. Alsen is a gifted story-teller who has written a fine plot-driven novel populated by main and secondary characters that you really care about. I recommend this book not only to readers who enjoy sports and romance but who like a book about teen-aged angst and adults who try to build a relationship in spite of their pasts.” – Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books